Need help for finance? We can help you.

Our process and simplified approach to finance will give you clarity on the complex financial jargon, empowering you to make a better financial decision. 

Join the growing community of like minded 1xTEAM members. Team is very supportive throughout the process weather you are buying an established property, building a new house, refinance or becoming a property investor.

We have built the Team ground up to support you through the life journey, when making BIG decisions with property, buying a car or investing to build a nest egg for retirement. 1xTEAM will play along to help win the battle and also be there to celebrate the WINS.

 Here is how and what we do to save you time & shave years off your mortgage term.

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Low Interest Rates with Annual Reviews

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Winning Together

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About 1xTEam

We are a team with key players who are highly skilled in finance and credit profession. We are focused on your requirements and have your best interest in our hearts.
The Idea to bring a Team focused and friendly environment has been in our DNA but Covid 19 struggles made this idea a demand of time and we got to work. From basic beginnings we’ve built our team of the greatest, we love to play table tennis, pool table and have a laugh when we’re not working hard for our members.
We like to celebrate your wins and you will be our guest to celebrate the accomplishments. Come & have fun with us on one of our celebration days.  


We work with over 20 well known lenders. 

We understand one size doesn’t fit all and as you grow we can tailor the best fit.


With 1xTEAM you are a MEMBER not a number.

Video Content

Entertaining, informative video that could add value when the time comes to make a smart financial decision.
Discover, Share & Win.

1x monthly Repayment

Get 1x minimum monthly repayment up to $2000 / year on your owner occupied home loan.

Financial Health checks

Do not feel alone on the life time commitment of 30 years on your mortgage, we are constantly finding ways to help you pay off the loans faster.

Celebration Events

We understand finance can be bit boring to deal with, that's why we spice things up with a celebration to enjoy quality time with our members.


Members Points

Use your extra points on our value add services such as taxation, financial planning or get our merchandise.
*Minimum balance required 2000 1xTeam points.


Forge your own path
with the team

Enjoy great benefits and learn to grow your finances with the help of our community and experts.

"I didn't know what financial freedom ment, being part of the team gave me confidence to strive towards my own goals "
"I didn't know what financial freedom ment, being part of the team gave me confidence to strive towards my own goals "

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